The way I'm -supposed- to be Picture

venus in roman mythology, aka aphrodite in greek mythology is "supposed" to be this beautiful goodess of things like love and beauty, but as you have noticed in the past, venus doesnt show these qualities. Venus is a girl who wishes to become a boy, and doesn't approve of the way love and beauty are treated. It's not that Venus is against Love, but they are against what the world views love to be. Just sexual. Of course not all people think this, but it feels like it. The media pounds sex into our skulls as being the one true way to show that you love someone, but that isn't true in the least, and if you can't see that, then I'm sorry.

If anything Venus, the one before you and not from mythology, would represent same-love if anything. But not just that, all of them. Hetero, homo, demi, platonic, all of them. They're all important and they all matter, even if you don't understand it...

The way I'm "supposed" to be (c) =more-or--less

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