Aphrodite's Salty Mess Picture

This is Hoplite Aphrodite. As you can see, he is rather male despite the fact that mythologically Aphrodite is quite female. These senshi are the basis for Earth's Greek mythology and Dite's gender confusion during his past life is due to his incredibly strong glamour back then which caused people to see him as they most desired. Thusly, things got lost in translation, and the male soldier of love and beauty became the goddess of love and beauty.

You'll need to download to see all his loverly seafoam. As well as his skirt. Poor guy. This is my second completed dolling attempt and it seemed to go faster this time, though he has less stupid little details. His hair is a nightmare enough to draw freehand, let alone by pixel!

Full-sized costume design can be viewed here. (Drawn by ~enchantedtiki. Go watch her! Her art is amazing!)

Character belongs to ~enchantedtiki.
Created for Go Greek! Mythos, a Sailormoon Original Senshi RPG.
Base created by PXL Garage
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