Eros Picture

I started this painting in the summer some time, and in between not having time and other art I never got around to finishing it.
If I don't finish a painting in a short timeline there's a good risk of me getting bored with it, which is sort of what happened with this one, but I picked it up again in November for whatever reason, fiddled with it and it finished it.
This is Eros, the god of love in Greek mythology (though better known for his Roman role as Cupid), he is the son of Aphrodite and Ares. This was inspired by my browsing through Bouguereau paintings on my harddrive, and then re-inspired by a Dollfie I had who was named Eros
Thanks for looking~!

There is a close-up and a step-by-step on my website, for those who are interested. [link]

Painter X / Photoshop CS3 / Intuos3

Edit: WOW! Thank you so much for the feature ^JunkbyJen and ~FunkyButterfly!
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