Goddesses Picture

I read some greek mythology again last night (told by Michael Köhlmeier, not sure anybody knows him) and as he described the story of Eos, an comic image of her popped into my mind that I decided to draw. Just for giggles I added other goddesses.
Left to right:
Eos, goddess of dawn
Aphrodite, goddess of love
Artemis, goddesss of hunt and virginity
Persephone or Kore, queen of the underworld.

Eos' hair is meant to echo the rising sun and her fingers always follow disappearing rose petals because one of her names is "the rosy-fingered". I also tried to give them a bit different body shapes, while Eos is petite, Aphrodite is very voluptuous etc.
I realised that I need to pratice drawing in a comicy style XD


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