Aphrodite Picture

The Valentine's Day prompt over at Sketch Dailies was "Aphrodite," so I decided to do my own version of Disney's depiction of Aphrodite (Hercules, 1997). While I realize that the Disney treatment of the Greek pantheon has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth for mythology purists, I embrace the cutesy, colorful re-imagination! Rather than being the incarnation of...smut, basically (you can't tell me that her escapades had anything to do with love), in the Hercules animated series she's the no-nonsense love expert. I think she's adorable and I had her jingle stuck in my head for days. Here's a taste of Aphrodite doing her thing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZxdDZ…

I toned down her colors a TON from her movie and show version, and did quite a bit of playing around to get a workable value contrast. Even still, she might cause some eye strain on super saturated monitors. Sorry!

Aphrodite belongs to Disney.
Illustration (c) CallyAnn Hamilton
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