Aphrodite: Goddess of love. Picture

Aphrodite, who doesn't know her?

I think she has a cute design, but I always pictured the goddess of love as a kind of friendly, to certain people, but without say a very passionate woman, but also kind of vain, and slightly self-centered, on account of many, many affairs on her husband, Hephaestus, whom I actually find myself feeling a little bad for at times, (though I am very aware he's no saint himself.) as Aphrodite is not attracted to him on account of his serious, even-tembered nature, and unappealing appearance, but is attracted to other gods like Ares, on account of his violent nature, and good looks, its kinda a bummer, anyway, the glass around her I put in symbolizes the "bubble" that being love-struck creates, I apologize if that's cynical, I honestly like her, she's just not my fave,

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