Aphrodite and...Keeru? Picture

I happened to be learning about Greek religion and mythology in school for a while, and I started fantasizing about drawing my own characters as gods or goddesses.

I was thinking..."Hm...what if February was Aphrodite and Keeru was Cupid?" (since they're related and almost always seen with each other in pictures of them.)
So...I twisted it a little.
I added wings to Aphrodite along with a fox, a headband, and...clothing XD; Venus/Aphrodite is mainly shown as being nude...
Well, yeah, and so is Cupid o.o; But I don't do nude drawings XD
And the dove is just the charm on my necklace as a real dove...
And I did Aphrodite and Cupid since...no duh...Valentine's Day is coming up XD
that's it...I guess X3

NO STEALING. I'll hunt you down C:<

Drawn on Photoshop
Keeru and February belong to ~WillowEscapee
DANGIT Keeru's face still looks weird :<
Glitter brushes -->
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