Aphrodite Picture


This manip took AGES. I am so proud of it though. I think you can guess my inspiration by the name. I plan to do a series of Gods and Goddesses. :] Yaaay.

The background symbolises how she originated, from out of the ocean. The pink colouring signifies love, as she is the goddess of romance and the like. The flowers and the beautiful model signify beauty. I made her gold because it seemed to suit the manip more than pink suited. It gives her a rich, god-like feel. :]

It took me ages to find the right model but when I came across her picture I couldn't help but use it. She's so beautiful. :] I think you should comment her telling her so.

Comments are greatly appreciated.

Flower: Personal Stock
Girl: [link]
Background: [link]
Texture: [link]
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