Aphrodite's Blessing Picture

Photo Reference: [link] I swear, I've never encountered a photgraph that gave me such a strong urge to cry. A very emotional photograph, and I knew I had to draw it..although I know I didn't do it much justice
About the title: Think: Greek mythology. Aphrodite is the goddess of love. I could just imagine her giving these two women her blessing...hence the title.

Charcoal, about 4 hours, nonstop music, and loads of frustration.

I know I made alot of mistakes..meh, I kind of gave up after a while and started making things up. Sigh. Comments on how to improve this would be very much appreciated.

Ooo, and, I might even try to do a series. Lesbians fascinate me..lmao. (I wonder WHY!)
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