Mythology Picture

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Two designs created specifically for's User Item Contest. The theme was mythology.

The first design (pink) is Aphros, which comes from Greek mythology. Aphros has been said to be the root meaning 'foam' which is fitting for Aphrodite's name as she was said to be born from the foam. Aphrodite is the Goddess and Love and other things so thus the coloring is pink. Apparently, scallop shells are one of her many symbols, so that would be the bust part of the dress. Since Aphrodite is also the Goddess of Beauty and Sexuality, this dress is (attempting) to be more seductive with the sheer white cloth that covers the body and the open slits under the shells. opaque pink scale-like stuff covers the privates since the cloth is sheer. At about the knees, the sheer white cloth fades in to a fluffier, bubble-like opaque 'foam' which just covers her feet.

The second design is the Morrigan, which comes from Norse or Irish mythology, I believe. She is the Goddess of battle, strife, and fertility and is sometimes seen as a crow (which appears to be the first sumbol people connect Morrigan with). Thus, this design is a cloak with the hood as a crow head with beak and red eyes and the actually covering part of the cloak as the wings of a crow. The ends of the cloak are longer than the back like the tips of wing feathers are longer than the feathers closer to the joint. The back would look sort of like an upside-down 'V'. The hood creates a deep shadow that would mask the eyes of the wearer.

You may not use this design in any way, shape, or form without my consent.

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