Ganymede Study Picture

And lo, it is complete. Progress can be seen here in my WIP folder: [link]


This is a really quick scan which I may replace at some stage with a better one. The colours are a little more saturated than I'd like, it's much gentler in person. I'm still getting used to the thing, & have a bigger, better scanner stuck away somewhere that I should be using...oh well.

This has turned from a test of some new watercolour paper into a study for a few ideas, based on the Greek myth of Ganymede: a Trojan youth who was abducted by Zeus, who found himself besotted by the young man's looks.
As a myth taken into context of Greek society, it's an example for the modern reader of the nature of paiderasteia; that is, a relationship between a younger man and an older man. The word derives from the Greek words for 'lover' and 'boy/child', however! it should be noted this term was meant in a "not mature" sense, and while it could include boys in their teens in Greece, it could also apply to a man in his twenties. Also, it was not always sexual in nature, and could be perfectly chaste. The relationship was common, with mentions of such found in works by Plato amongst others.

I'm highly considering a series of works based on Ganymede and Zeus, all because I enjoyed painting this. So watch this space?............
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