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After a lot of work, here I present my OC Leviathan's own reference sheet, based on the model presented by my beloved *Priss-BloodEmpress of her OC Zethus Priss [link]

Notice I only borrowed the idea and modified it a bit to suit my tastes. However, since I respect and cherish her a lot, I credit her.

Thanks a lot for letting me borrow your model, paisana!

Well, for those who still don't know my OC, I copy and paste his biography that complements this reference sheet:


Race: Mythological sea monster

Age: Over 2000 years old

Height: 1,90 in his human shape. In snake shape reaches 100 meters.

Hair: iridescent aquamarine.

Eyes: Same as hair.

Skin: Very pale.

Jewels: One earring, one nose-piercing and a ring with a red stone.

Personality: Violent and temperamental; resentful and vindictive, he often lacks of empathy towards humans due to his predatory nature. Since he was young he devoured the ships that sailed on the oceans, besides of other great marine animals, such as whales of all kinds.

However, since his beloved one’s death, Leviathan seeks to unleash his perennial anger on other beings instead of blaming himself. Arrogant, haughty and often inexpressive; he never admits his feelings because he considers such thing as weakness. He hates whoever dared to pity him, to the point of killing him at the least sight of compassion.

Special skills:

Great Tsunami: He summons giant waves to destroy his enemies.

Cursed Typhoon: He creates a huge typhoon with evil energies

Basic story:

Leviathan is the terror of the seven seas. Both fishermen and seamen feared him as they told legends of wrecked ships and poor mariners who got devoured by a giant sea snake. It happened since time immemorial, until Leviathan met Kurie, a female sea snake.

They remained in their reptile forms for a while, but the need of love became vital; so they shape-shifted to human form that still reflected their peculiar traits, such as the iridescences and the predominance of the aquamarine tones. They only returned to their snake forms when they felt hungry. Most of the times, Leviathan was the one who brought food by dragging the wrecked ship to the depths of the oceans.

However, something awful happened: a group of persons pursued them because they found out they were the fearsome monsters of the seas. Both Leviathan and Kurie tried to run away in their human shapes. Unfortunately, Kurie was not so lucky and got caught.

When Leviathan came back for her, he found a Dantesque scene: his beloved woman lied crucified as fire was consuming her alive. He wanted to rescue them, but the girl did not want to get Leviathan caught as well, since it was him the people were looking for.

Full of rage and hatred, Leviathan shape-shifted to his giant snake form and killed all the people at the small town. He did not rest until he did not perceive any life amidst those fired ruins. He swore forever to eat human flesh even if he was not hungry.

In Saint Seiya universe:

Many centuries after Kurie's death, Poseidon recruited Leviathan in his army to conquer the earth. Still resentful by the loss of his beloved female partner, Leviathan found a good chance to kill without apologising or feeling guilty. Nonetheless, in time he found himself feeling again, this time towards nobody less than Poseidon, lord of the seas.

One night, Leviathan tried to assault him by force; Poseidon, angry and offended, virulently rejected his advances. He cursed Leviathan and enclosed him forever in his snake form, condemned to live in endless solitude and isolation.

Since them, nobody knew of Leviathan. Only legends have been told… until today.

Special notes:

—Leviathan was originally a mythological monster represented by one of these three animals: a sea snake, a crocodile or a big whale (from which we have some biblical references) and possesses evil connotations. However, today he is commonly known as "big monster".

—It is been told Leviathan has iridescent scales. That's why his human shape retains such colours and tones in hair and eyes.

—Leviathan's human shape can grow old, but due to his supernatural condition, he ages very, very slowly. That's why he looks like a very old man on his 2.000's.

—According to the Bible, Leviathan had a female partner who was sacrificed to avoid chaos in the world. I've created Kurie by parting from this reference.

—Since he did not coexist with humans for a long time, Leviathan retains strong streaks of his animal nature when it comes to sex or eating.

—Leviathan gets too weak when he shapeshifts to human or sea snake.

—Unless he shapeshifts to sea snake, Leviathan will not engage on a hand-to-hand fight. Physical combats wear him too much. Even though he can defend himself using his fangs and claws, he cannot stand a hand-to-hand fight, which is why he prefers to rely on his water skills.

—Since Leviathan controls the water element, when he submerges himself in it, he can heal major wounds.

—Leviathan was not born human, but animal. He could obtain the ability to change to human shape a thousand years after his birth, once he reached his adulthood.

—The ring he wears has a great sentimental value, because Kurie gave it to him as a present to show her love and gratitude.

—He found his clothing inside a treasure chest hidden in the ocean depths. After soaking it with his blood, the cloth acquired the same regenerative quality as his body once when he submerges into the water.


You may wonder in who did I inspire to design Leviathan's dragon shape. Well, he's a mixture of chinese dragons ([link]) and the Leviathan portrayed in Final Fantasy II ([link]) which I used to play when I was younger.

Have you seen the visual comparison of relative sizes between Leviathan (in sea snake shape), a big whale and a common human? XD I know, it's huge. Hope the visualisation is good enough.

Well, exhausted and tired as I am, I leave you with my OC. If you wanna ask something, go ahead I'll answer.

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