Platoon 142 - Dana Simmons Picture

Name: Dana Simmons

Country of Origin: United Kingdom, Gaelic and English heritage.

Birth Date: February 8th

Age: 28

Type of Power: None

Type of Job: Commander of Security Platoon 142

Specialization: Defense of her platoon and design of traps and security systems

Positives: Strong willed, Excellent Leadership skills, Photographic Memory.

Negatives: Workaholic, distant personality, terrible sense of humor, emotionally cold.

Likes: Ancient Chinese clothing, Greek mythology, puzzles, weaponry, working.

Dislikes: Theft, failure, betrayal, getting sick, loud sounds, confusing paperwork.

Bad Habits: Over working, over working, you guys stop that I can keep going why are you bringing a stretcher I'm FINE. Holding grudges.

Favorite colors: Metallic Grey, and Royal Blue

Hobbies: Reading mythology, Swordsmanship.

Preferred outfits: Leggings, leather boots, Chinese dresses and robe-like over shirts, long sleeves, sometimes earrings.

Preferred Weapons: Lightweight breast plate and grieves, a Dirk and Round Shield. Carries a license.

Interesting Notes: Was head security Guard of a Museum, and has a photographic memory. Very young for a commander. Known as the 'Lady of the Shield' for her primarily defensive combat style and extensive use of her shield to cover her Platoon members and to bash in things like walls and preservers. Presently absent from her Platoon and deployed in the Balkan Wars. Originally recruited by the Academy for her design of difficult traps for museum security.

Dana Simmons is a headstrong and dedicated young woman, capable of commanding and leading those far older than her. She is presently acting in the frontlines of the Balkan Wars and is one of the many diplomatic representatives for the Pacificator’s cause up there.

Little is known about Dana’s past and she rarely talks about it, though her second in command, and closest friend Cassiopeia seems to be her only confidant on the subject.


- Dana has always been something of a girly girl despite her gruff and cold exterior, she is fond of elegant dresses, cute simple things, make up, and tea parties. This is painfully obvious when sticking her next to Cassie, her exact opposite.
- Dana has taken calligraphy classes for ancient Chinese characters.
- Dana has an odd habit where she tilts her head to the left when listening to people, she is slightly deaf on her right side due to an accident involving gunshots and a series of very loud noises while being trapped in a very small enclosure.
- On that note, Dana is somewhat Claustrophobic.
- When Dana was little she wanted to be the Celtic war god Badb of the Morrigan goddess trinity.
- She was also a rather obnoxious child and would run around with a wooden sword her father made for her and hit people in the shins with it.
- Dana was heavily inspired by my TV crushes of the 90’s Dana Scully (The X-Files) and Xena (Xena: Warrior Princess) and just a touch of Number 8 (Flora I think) from the Battle of Pieta arc of Claymore.

Art and Dana is part of Platoon 142, created for/inspired by The Pacificators and is © Larkas
The Pacificators it’s concepts and story are ©
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