Amazons Have One Boob Picture

I know there's not really such a thing as historically accurate when it comes to a mythological race, but what little is said about Amazon women generally includes descriptions of a) their penchant for killing men b) their morally questionable sex habits and c) their lack of a right boob, due to either ironing at a young age or mutilation, apparently for the better draw of a bow. And people pretty much ALWAYS depict Amazon women with both boobs.


So, even though I am fairly crap at drawing people, I have attempted to supply the art world with a slightly more accurate, if badly executed, depiction of an Amazon.

Of course, it's not all that accurate still, because she probably wouldn't be topless at all because she lives somewhere around the Ukraine area, but whatever. It could be a warm day.

PS. As someone who has attempted archery on a couple of occasions, I can say I don't think that your tits really get in the way enough to justify cutting one off, unless your tits are fucking huge, but apparently They Were Just That Hard Core.
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