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This is the story from the time long ago. A time of myth and legend when the ancient god were petty and cruel and they plaguet mankind with suffering...

Once upon a time, Dancing Goddess wanted to descend upon the earth buth Alligator God wanted to prevent her doing that... (And have fun with her.)

Middle left
Nevertheless, she harmed him... there where it hurts a lot...

Middle center
She has returned back to the heavens and has forgotten here her magical sandals...

Middle right
She may come upon the earth when both moons are in one line...
Isn't sometime nowadays, by the way?

Bottom left
And a man higher than six feet should help her with it.

Bottom right
Oh, and note: If a member-woman of her order touches a man, he freezes.

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Short lesson of history and mythology... Please, don't stone me, we grew up with Hercules and Xena, it is one of my guilty pleasures, I simply had to use it
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