Another Heroine? Picture

A long, long time ago, in a galax... er... I mean, back in the mid-to-late 90s, I actually had a number of superhero ideas, one of which was Dasien. Another was a female warrior-type character that borrowed various mythological themes. It was one of the very few times that I actually used mythological themes in a character.
Well, as much as I liked this character, it taught me to never again put winged head-dresses on female warrior characters, because no matter who I showed it to, comparisons were either made to Neil Gaimen's Angela character or She-Ra from Masters of the Universe. When I took it off, then she became a "rip-off of Xena". ARRRGGHH!!! Fuck it! I just threw the character out, and I don't use her anymore.

Clive makes a cameo in this picture. The warrior character was never meant to exist in the same canon as Clive, but they seemed to be a natural match.

There are sooooo-hooo-hoooooo many things wrong with this picture. Number one, I'm hiding the hands, and it's extremely obvious. The handle of the sword is waaaaaaay too short. Any clash with an opposing swordsman would simply know that thing out of her hands. Later renditions of the sword had an extremely exaggerated handle.
She has a breast plate on, and I never once gave any thought into how that thing stays on. I was constantly trying to change that damn thing so that it wouldn't defy gravity, and I eventually just gave up and converted it to cloth.

I thought that this was such a good picture when I drew it, but now I can barely stand to look at it.
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