Ter'Alean Gods: Neshel'Tar Picture


Okay, now onward to an actual description.

Neshel'Tar is basically the equivalent of Hades in Ter'Alean mythology. There are differences in character, story, etc. But basically they're the same. This goddess is one bad biatch, basically being a Xena, Warrior Princess. She was created years after her "siblings", after the Smith realised how out of control the fires on the earth were. He also realised that the creatures he had created were mourning the stillborn deaths of their children, and their populations were dwindling. In his panic for his children he created a new Deity, one that would be known as Neshel'Tar. She would be fierce and stubborn, and prudent enough to command these demons. However, one fateful day, she met the other deities. She realised just how... different she was. She looked evil, even next to the strong Timehammer, the imposing Kalaal'Kar, and the fearsome Urar'Kabbal. For this, she gets mad at her creator and swears revenge upon him for making her appear evil and ugly. She was malformed, quickly made and rushed for a low purpose, but was stronger than her 'father' ever thought she would be.

Soon, a monster would be made.

Neshel'Tar had eight children, each with a purpose of their own. Their names were:

Samsara and Ezekiel were eventually known as the harbingers of life and death, Kharar and Khaff would eventually be the first two warrior-kings, Morza would die and become the first shade, Orkan and Thoth would follow in their mother's footsteps, becoming powerful, crazed brother-kings, and Terakh would become a slave of Kalaal'Kar, forced to live in a volcano and command the planet's flesh in eternal torture.

Eventually, Neshel'Tar becomes powerful enough and moves on to get what she wants: Revenge in cold blood. She attempts to kill the Smith during a meeting of the goods, only to be intercepted by her sisters, Timehammet and Kalaal'Kar. Neshel'Tar doesn't understand this and retaliates, roaring obscenities and screaming in anguish at not fulfilling what she believed was her purpose. She was then locked deep within the core of the planet, chained to its mantleand held in place by a metal snake.

Nesheltarianism is the worship of Neshel'Tar. You can read about it in the other Ter'Alean mythology reference sheets.

"Khalfanism" is a newly introduced 'religion' in Ter'Alean mythology, and is the religion with the largest following. Kalaalkarianism and Nesheltarianism are both side-religions of Khalfanism. I will write about this later.
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