Art Jam Entry-Jessica The Amazon Picture

Art jam entry for Granitoons ' Royal March art jam.

In mythology, the Amazons were fierce warriors whom are women who fight with their strength and endurance. Amazon warriors have been in mythology for a long time, including movies, shows, and comic books.

Here, Jessie is known as Jessica, Princess of The Amazons. Blessed by her mother, Charletta, the Queen of The Amazons, Jessica uses the double-bladed staff and a whip made from the hides of different leathers, and decked in armor made from the same leather, Jessica will lead her armies to victory!

This is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, as well as Xena Warrior Princess as well. Another unknown fact I would like t point out is that Jessie is also a sometimes-often MMO-Role player, as she chooses an Amazon as her character.

Might draw Brandon as a Barbarian Ally.

Jessie Jetter and pic- (C) Urvy Jaramillo.
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