DC gals Picture

I browse Project Rooftop quite a bit, so I’ve been bitten by the redesign bug more than once. I thought I’d try my hand at a few DC girls.

More than likely, I’ll follow this up with a couple more groups. These are a lot of fun, and I need to stretch my design muscles.

For Wonder Woman, I’ve always been fond of the “Star-spangled Xena” direction. The sword is part of the package from the start, with her “Greek mythology” theme plainly on the surface.

Powergirl isn’t usually drawn as a shortstack, but I found myself gravitating towards that, for some reason.

I like PG’s “gym clothes” aesthetic, so I played that up, though I swapped the bare legs for bare arms. Emphasize her strength and athleticism first, and sexuality second.

Starfire isn’t terribly far removed from her animated design. I kept a dash of the original 80′s hair and swapped the skirt for shorts, but stayed otherwise fairly close to the design I grew up with.

Early concepts gave her digitigrade legs to drive home the fact that Tamaraneans are descended from cat-like creatures, though the element was dropped. If my experiences on Project Rooftop have taught me anything, it’s that people REALLY hate when you apply nonhuman features to nonhuman characters. >_>

Still, I couldn’t resist giving her pointy kitty ears. I’ll accept *one* human-alien in any given universe, and Krypton was here first.

Poison Ivy was quite a bit easier than the others. Timm’s design is pretty close to my ideal image of the character. I thought she’d look good in a dress rather than a bodysuit though, which ended up working really well!
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