Hera-Juno on T.V. Picture

Just a quick collage of several versions of the goddess Hera/Juno, the Mediterrean goddess of marriage, childbirth, womanhood and fertility, oh, and of course queen of the gods ^^ In nearly all myths she appears in, she's spending her time by terrosizing the lovers and "bastard" childs of her husband Zeus.

I just picked some pics of her from movies I know.

Who are these ladies, let me tell you starting in the middle and then going clockwise:

- Juno of Ludovisi: a Roman buste that's called the "Juno of Ludovisi", though it's not for sure that it's really the goddess that is portrayed, it could be also some Roman noble lady who portrayed herself as the goddess. This buste however was very popular in times of classicism. Goethe spoke of "Iunonische Schönheit".

- From "The Legendary Journeys of Hercules" with Kevin Sorbo as the main protagonist. Being a "bastard son" of Zeus, it's kinda obvious that Hera's the main antagonist in his series. Though I didn't realy like the serie, I have to admit that the thing with her eyes and the peacocks was really scaring ^^

- Honor Blackmann as Hera in the 1963's movie "Jason and the Argonauts". In the myth of Jason, Hera finally may play a good goddess in mythology
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