Ancient Armor it is not Classic Beauty Yes Picture

This is one of those shows that I loved watching as a kid- which I am told is now called "tween" anyways- it's weird watching it now- because well... I was always INTO the ancient world mythology and that sort of stuff but when I got to High School/ College I was taking Latin, Ancient Greek etc. etc and I went as a major in Classical Studies (super useful right?) so the historian in me is just ANNOYED with so many aspects in this show but the kid in me gags the historian hunkers down and remembers getting home from Church on Sundays- my Mum would go to work, my sibs would take off and I'd have a few hours home by myself and no one could take the remote from me...

This was also of course my first exposure to Bruce Campbell. Cause I was 11 and Horror Movies/ Gore was NOT allowed in our home. (My Mum got freaked at commercials for Buffy- so... yeah.)

So this was done on suggestion of my older sister- Kerin who is a tri-athlete/ living Amazon but yes she has both of her breasts and as far as I know is not an archeress.

As a kid, Kerin was always this level of beauty I could never achieve and trust me for YEARS that brought on more body image issues than I want to go into. 6'0'', blonde perfect tousled/curly/seemingly effortless hair, she actually could tan, and my sisters eyes? Put Wonder Woman's to shame that perfect bright August sky blue.

I was like a cruel joke LOL see Kerin has our Mum'sr hair, eyes, mouth and delicate bones but she got our Dad's height, & atheletic skill... did I mention she's like super-hella-smart? She took Math classes in the summer... because the school didn't offer interesting enough math classes. As a kid it was DAUNTING (and trust me our lives are STILL night and day different) but as an adult it's pretty cool to look at the differences and it shows you a lot in the argument of Nature vs. Nurture. Because... same home. Same parents. VERY different people. (Pretty sure the only things my siblings and I have in common: Curly hair, fuller mouths, loud laugh, like to laugh, like our hair played with). >^.-<

Anyways! I always compaired Kerin with Diana, Princess of the Amazons. Strong, kind, giving, stubborn and off course she WRECKS heavy hitters (going blow for blow with Mongol for a good half hour? C'MON!) but she suggested Xena to me as it started as a joke and I went with it. So this is for her. I used an image of my sisters arms as a basis for the muscle structure.

Done on X-Press It Blending Card with SP Multi Liners over BIC Mechanical Pencil with Copic Sketches for color and white charcoal for contrast. Total time: 10 hours. (The coloring was a nightmare!)

As far as I know my sister has not requested to purchase the original I will let you know if she will be for sale at BCC or if only PRINTS will be available. I doubt I am ever drawing Xena again as her coloring is seriously... it haunts me. XD
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