Xena Joan, Defiance OC Picture

Here is my Defiance OC, the Castithan (or, as she prefers to call herself, Earthling) Xena Joan.

Xena Joan is not a Castithan name, nor the one she was given at birth, but the one she gave herself when she ran away from her family (she chose to name herself after two strong females from Earth's history/mythology, Xena the warrior princess and Joan of Arc). Xena is a musician and a feminist. She plays the guitar and some piano and wants to learn how to play the violin. No one in Defiance knows her birth name or even where she's from. By Casti definitions she is the ultimate prude, she doesn't sleep around nor is she as liberal with sexuality as the rest of her race. She prefers showers to baths, as baths remind her of her Casti roots. She dislikes/distrust most males (especially if they're Casti) to the point of borderline misandry. She doesn't consider herself a Casti at all; she was born on Earth and raised on Earth, so as far as she's concerned she's an Earthling. She moved to Defiance after coming across a record produced by Tarr Tracks, hoping to find a kindred spirit in Alak (in a strictly platonic sense), but was severely disappointed when she finally met him. She does, however, form a fast friendship with his wife Christie as well as Irisa (though they aren't exactly close since Irisa isn't the most open person). Xena preforms at the Needwant strictly as a musician (as handsy patrons soon learn with a quick punch and a spoken threat of castration), preforming her own work as was as covers of her favorite Earth musicians. Among those she likes are P!nk, Kate Bush, Emilie Autumn, Lindsey Sterling, Heart, and Avril Lavigne. She also has a slight addiction to bubblegum.

Coincidentally, Xena shares a number of traits with
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