Divine Merry Making Lineart Picture


Yes, I really want you people to see this up close, do to the immense amount of detail. Basically, this was my final for art class, so I decided to do something on an epic scale. So, I decided to draw a picture of all sorts of Gods and Goddesses having a drinking party. It's based off of a famous painting from a Italian Renaissance book that was looking at. This isn't even completed yet. I plan on coloring it completely like I did for the Let Them Eat Cake picture I did a while back. [link] Right now it's my featured piece of work, but I have a feeling that it might get dethroned by this, once it's colored.

When I showed this to a whole bunch of people, I asked them if they recognized any of them as Gods. Sadly, a lot of people didn't know too many of them.
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