Rosemary-Knocked out(Unshaded) Picture

Rosemary ladies and gentlemen.

Maria is trying to revive Rosalie in a manner similar to the Scott Pilgrim game albeit she decided to poke the ko'd body of Rosalie

Notice how the button lacks a specific button to press, that's because there isn't anything to actually press that can revive Rosalie.

More Rosemary Fun facts
Eyes Purple
Likes: Prayer, Meditation,Flowers, Spiritual Conversation,Stained Glass,Peaceful Resolution,Mythology,Tennis,Helping people
Dislikes: Double,The Trinity, Skullheart, Corruption in the Church,Violent Resolutions, Disrespect of property, Parasites

Age: Ageless though 17 upon her death
Eyes Souless White with Emptiness Black around them
Height:Varies/5'4 upon death
Likes: Mythology,Shiny Objects, Stained Glass,Snow,Pulling Pranks,Sakura Trees,Tough opponents,Painting,Beowulf,Annie Girl of the Stars
Dislikes: Double,The Trinity,Skullheart,Cats,Puns,Apple Pie,Medici Goons
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