Pathfinder Vesper Constellations Picture

Some constellations I designed to go along with my Pathfinder RPG campaign.
They're used in religious ceremonies, in mythologies, and as a form of divination similar to our horoscope in vesper.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

1. The Diviner / The Warrior - based upon the image of a paladin holding both a sword and a halberd. Said to be a depiction of Isaac.
2. Golda Minor / The Crying Dog - based upon a sitting wolf, howling at the moon, representative of Golda Canis in the Aeneans' eyes.
3. The Eagle - a noble eagle in flight, revered by the druids as a sign of perception and leadership.
4. Golda Major / The Wolf's Teeth - based upon a snarling wolf's head with a forepaw stepping to attack, representative of Golda Canis in the Aeneans' eyes.
5. Equidae Venus - a standing healthy mare, a star sign of fertility, and feminine power.
6. Caprados Major - represents a two headed goat with sickly horns, representative of Silvanus to the Vesperians. Considered a sign of coming misfortune.
7. The Green Warden / The Druid - based upon the image of a druidic figure holding an eagle on his arm and a staff in his hand. Said to be a depiction of Bastion.
8. The Kirin / The Prancing Imperial - a sign of nobility, grace, and purity based upon the dragon horses of Feng.
9. The Wave - representative of nature's raw power, of calm, and fickle natured people depicting a powerful tidal wave.
10. The Falling Man - Human weakness, or the fallacy of mortals strength. Considered a sign of honorable death or martyrdom. Said to be a depiction of Marshall.
11. Drakonos Mars - represenative of masculinity and male leadership by a black dragon.

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