Map: Opis [v.2] Picture

Redid my world map so that the planet is actually a sphere, haha. Also I renamed and moved some things. Unfortunately, I now have edit my other maps to account for some changes, but they're minor.

Name: Opis (named after the daughter of Terra in Roman mythology)
Size: A little smaller than Venus
Axial Tilt: 20.7°
Avg temp range: 0-30° C
Star: Orange main sequence, Taranis
Moon: Andrasta, a captured asteroid
Calendar: 23 hour days, 380 days a year, 12 months, 30 days in most months, 35 days in each of the four months in which the seasons change (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th months). 5-day weeks, 6 weeks in 30-day months, 7 weeks in 35-day months.
Residents: Humans that colonized the planet after leaving Earth
Flora and fauna: A mix of Earth species that had been brought over and preserved, and new species now considered native of Opis although they originated from Earth
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