Fire and Fertility Picture

First inspiration.
After sheding some light on the origins of beloved GWAR woman, Slymenstra Hymen, I decided to actually do more research into it (I found the first link entirely by-accident)...
Look, more!

I decided that drawing a version of Slymy as she is born would be something fun to do, and you know what? It was More info here, if you'd like.

My CD player decided to die on me, so the only thing I had to keep me up and going was the radio... How odd is it that I was listening to heavy metal, then to rap, then to reggaeton,then to classical rock, then to regular Latin music, then to a string of Kelly Clarkson, finally ending my night by switching back to my beloved metal.

Also, doing pieces like this (embedded with mythology and symbollism and all) makes me feel like a bigger dork, and a lesser artist. Go figure.


Basically, I began drawing this (scanner did a terrible scanning job, my bad) and it was originally meant as a practice sketch, esp. because it was done on lined paper. But as soon as I had begun drawing the pathethic excuse of a background, I just continued on with it. After the lines were cleaned up a bit, I grabbed the tracing paper and traced it all out with a thin black Sharpie. Then I began working on the coloring process, which felt like it took forever, since I had to wait for the markers to dry, I had to figure out how to blend which colors properly, etc etc. The finishing touch was to lightly add blue eyeshadow onto Slymy's skin, because I can never tell if her skin is white, or an extremely pale blue.


Pencil, Sharpie, Fibracolor markers, lined paper, tracing paper, PhotoStudio for fixing and scanning.
Time: One hour, 45 minutes.


Slymenstra Hymen is copyright of GWAR/Slave Pit/Metal Blade.
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