+ d i a n a + Picture

In Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess known as Artemis or Diana was a maiden with no interest whatsoever in love and romance. Some call it a sign of purity; others, like Aphrodite (Venus), considered it frigidity.

So one night Artemis was bathing in the mortal world. A human hunter saw her and became obsessed with her beauty. Startled, the goddess fled and he chased her.

The chase, of course, ended in the hunter's death.

Life lesson: It's not nice to peek at a goddess in the bath.


Subaru is a bit of a Diana in that it's not as though she's inhumanly disinterested, it's that she's too remote to be really touched by anyone like that. It's part of the reason I'm not sure if there's anything going on between her and Ryoko or not, although Subaru is pretty tolerant of Ryoko's flirtations.

Anyhow, Subaru omake here. Nothing to see, and she's got her sword anyway. So I wouldn't advise it.
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