Love story -4 Picture

bandage plaster, liquid plaster, chicken net, spray paint, wood, red clay, putty
venere: 220x150x290 mm, arm: 710x340x330 mm

By the Greek mythology Venus is the representation of beauty and love. My representation of the ‘Venus of Milo’ is meant to reassume the essence of the perfect woman. The arm represents the guy that broke her heart, who is trying to get her back. He understood that she was his soul mate, but she is impassive to his desire shown by the unemotional face of the Venus. As ‘Claudio Baglioni’ says in a song, he knew what to say and what to do only after everything ended, only when he truly wanted a little big love. The problem of finding the soul mate is that: when you realize it, you will never be able to forget her and because you don’t want to miss her for the rest of your life you will continuously try to take her back no matter what happened. To represent the insidious street that the guy is following to have her back I used an imaginary opening, too small to let him through but not small enough to make him lose all hope.
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