Filidy- Match Maker Spirit Picture

hmm~ I didn't submit this?
I think this was one of the best ones I drew at this point n.n
theres nothing I DON'T like about this picture, accept the fact that I'm afraid to color it.

Any ways, Filidy is the-dur match maker spirit. Soposetly made from one of the hairs of Venus(or Aphrodite which ever place your in)

Why is she a ferret/mongoose(yes thats what she is)?
Whichever animal it is, i forget, don't mind a little incest o.o;
Infact, when daughters are born, when their mothers leave they are often forced to carry their father's child, when they are old enough to bare it of course. Usually the deed is done right before they leave the nest.
Lucky Filidy~ she was created when Aphrodite cut her hair so that never happened. Ironic thou she matchmakes.
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