Amor e Psiche Picture

I've been using the same wallpaper for the past year I think and I wanted a change. Normally I don't like making wallpapers but I was extremely bored and I don't mind how it turned out. I don't really know why I decided to post it here. Maybe someone else is an Antonio Canova fan.

Well, about the wallpaper. It is of Antonio Canova's Amor e Psiche, or Cupid and Psyche. It is based on the mythological story. The story mainly entails Cupid falling in love with Psyche and she stays at his house but is not allowed to see him. One night, after pressure from family she takes a candle to him as he sleeps and sees his beauty but some of the candle wax drips onto him, waking him. He retreats back to his home with his mother, Aphradite [Venus, in [Roman] mythology] and she is jealous of Psyche and antagonizes her and Cupid realizes he loves her and saves her. This is the point that the statue is from.

Credits include:
[link] for brushes
[link] for brushes
[link] for the photograph

Also, the song is "Gravity" from Wolf's Rain, performed by Maaya Sakamoto. I know it does not exactly fit with the theme but it's one of my favorite songs at the moment and I like the lyrics.

Tis all.
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