VenusGoddess Picture

Photo manipulation is not a typical en devour for me. I hope you enjoy this.

This composition is based on the Roman goddess Venus, often identified with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Sometime as the same goddess at other times as individuals with near identical traits. It is difficult to make the distinction.

Here I have assumed the traits of love, beauty and fertility with Venus. Depicting the planet named for her, the dove symbolizing her love and I have replaced the earthly symbols of fertility with that of a stellar nursery. I doubt anyone would deny this girl's beauty approaches that of a Venus herself.

For those interested, here are couple of nice pages on the mythology of Venus/Aphrodite:
(please inform me if either of these links stops working)

I would like to thank the following:

Model from ryan_stock [link]
Venus image from Nasa public domain images
Stellar nursery image from Nasa public domain images
Dove image from unknown source (researching)
Additional elements and manipulation, myself
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