Pop Tart Paintings Picture

So...In my watercolor class, right now, we're supposed to paint on stuff that's not watercolor paper, or otherwise to be experimental. I found an empty Pop Tarts box in my kitchen, and thought, "Hey, yo, here's some cardboard I can paint on!" So here are four little paintings done on the insides of the four walls of the box. When my teacher came over to check on how I was doing, he was, like...absolutely flabbergasted that the fact that I was painting on the packaging from a commercial food product was totally not important to me. What can I say? I'm a snarky little pop artist who's reactionary against Pop Art. And I keep making fun of art...which does, in turn, actually elevate my low art to the position of high art. Makin' the system work for me by hating it. Awww, yeah.

Anyway, the Hermes-says-"LAWLZ" one was painted right after he and I talked. Art is SRS BIZNEZZ!!
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