Character Sheet - Mars --WIP-- Picture

Colors will be added separately later.

Anyway, here's Mars. I'm not quite content with how he came out, although the muscles are certainly impressive for a first try (hurr, mega-ref usage).

Basic info;

Name: Mars
Age: Immortal, but looks about 23-25
Gender: Male
Personality: On the battlefield, Mars is a model warrior. He's brave and honorable, but has no qualms with murdering scores of soldiers, as long as it serves a purpose. He is constantly looking for a challenge, seeking the adrenaline rush from dueling a worthy adversary.
Out of battle, however, he puts on a much calmer face, preferring a game of chess or a simple chat.
Like his sister, Luna, Mars suffers from a similar problem. Although nowhere near the scale of Luna's alter-ego, Mars has a limit which, once reached, sends him into a frenzy. While Mars has learned to focus his rage to activate the frenzy at will, once it kicks in, he loses almost all control.
Power: On top of being an elite warrior, Mars can also control winds and is capable of summoning everything from a light breeze to hurricanes.
History: Mars is among some of the older immortals and has led men and immortals alike into battle from an early age. His younger sister, by a few hundred years, is the source of his greatest worries yet also his greatest joy. Luna, however, rarely desires his company, due to his uncaring attitude towards her at first. Instead of helping out his sister, Mars spent time with his lover, Venus. And once he realized the danger she faced, it was almost too late, but Luna managed to seal it off on her own, falling into a deep slumber.

For over 2000 years, Mars stood guard by his sister's motionless form, until she finally awakened. The deep sleep had affected her memory, so she remembers nothing of the danger, but Mars doesn't have the heart to tell her that, now that she has awakened, so has the evil been released.


Background was pulled off of Wikipedia.
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