Empousa From The Percy Jackson Series Picture

If you've read the books, then you know that in book 4, Battle of the Labyrinth Percy encounters two empousai, and in The Last Olympian, he encounters another one. The three empousai also make an appearance in my House of Hades fanfiction, which can be read here.

In the picture, Tammi is the one on the left, Kelli is in the middle, and the empousa from book 5 is on the right. I've also updated their appearances, as you can see. 'Why? why did you do that?' you ask. I did it because what you see here is not their true form. Their true form is looks more like this. They can disguise themselves however they wish to lure their prey. In the PJO canon, it's never specified that empousai are limited to one disguise form, so I thought it would be pretty cool to give them the ability to change their disguised forms, sort of like Aphrodite/Venus, whose appearance changes to match your idea of beauty.

Oh, and I made this picture with this application.
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