Fire and Love Picture

The first in my series of Young Senshi Couples!
Here is the first couple, as they are, in fact, the first couple we meet in my fic Sakara Ten'ou. They aren't a couple at the time, but it's a little bit too obvious that I'm not spoiling anything by showing this to ya'll.
So yeah, Rei's son Isamu and Minako's daughter Kumiko are way cute together! I always thought that Venus and Mars belonged together (mythology background, etc.) so I figured that their kids should be a couple!
I'm disappointed only because my original sketch was MUCH cuter. The Isamu in there was sooo adorable, but I had Kumiko's height waaaay wrong so I couldn't use it.
I love Kumiko's outfit. I orignally wanted her to have like a light orange tank top or a white tank top and a white flowing skirt with a pretty pattern, but then I got the idea for a layered effect (she's wearing magenta, orange, and yellow) and wanted her to go all out in bright colors! Isamu's shirt is kinda lame but...well...I suck with designing a lot of stuff for boys. Haha.

Isamu and Kumiko (c) me
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi and co.
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