Greek Gods Part 1 Picture


For a Latin class project. C8 I have rediscovered markers as a form of traditional media~

This is the front of a folder we had to decorate with something to do with Roman culture or mythology or somethin. so I drew the big 12 gods with Hestia and Hades thrown in, because I love them so. The big 14? idk.

Let's see... now for some commentary...

Artemis reminds me of Katniss here. 8D Apollo looks kind of gay, but that's okay, lol. and I don't mean that like "OMG THE DRAWING SUCKS SO IM GONNA PRETEND THE WORD GAY MEANS SUCKY AND CALL IT THAT HURHURHUR." I actually mean he looks like he's gay. so.

Hera reminds me of Queen Aggravain. xP AND OMG. NUDE APHRODITE WHUT. I couldn't bring myself to clothe her so. her hair is like. covering her privates. AphroditexAres otp.
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