Cupid - Modern Outfit Picture

Hello everyone! This is another character of The Spirit of Summer fanfic I'm working on. This is Cupid, Spirit of Valentine's Day. If she was a Guardian(which she isn't) she would be Guardian of Love, but as that's more for adults, she's not really a Guardian of childhood.

Age: (4000)19
Powers: She organizes how things are run on Valentine's Day and around the year influences relationships that need an extra push to get where they need to, though she doesn't do it to the other spirits, seeing as they have just about eternity to get together.

Backstory: Cupid is actually the older than all the spirits and Guardians except Sandy and Pitch. She was originally the Greek/Roman goddess Aphrodite/Venus, and had a long reign of her ruling there. But, after the spread of Christianity and people stopped believing in her and the other gods, they all started to lose power, becoming so weak most could not use their powers for anything, even though they had a brief regain of them during the Victorian/Regency eras in Europe. The only ones who escaped this were Athena/Minerva, as many intellectuals still looked to her, Apollo, just from his beauty and the number of children he had with mortals, and Aphrodite/Venus and her son Eros/Cupid, as she took on the role of Cupid and Eros became the leader of the cherubs. Just at the start of the 1600s, the memories of the long time she had believers were almost too much for her and Man in Moon created a box in her mind that all those memories went into and, while she could access them, they wouldn't overwhelm her, as well as regressed her physical age to a 17-18-19 year old girl, which she uses to her full advantage personality wise.

Friends: She's been good friends with all the guardians as they came into being, but her closest companions have been Sandy, who was her friend from day one as a spirit, and Belle Am, who is the one physically and semi-mentally her age. Tooth was always one she would go to to just chat and learn how some of the relationships she helped with go(if they had kids, etc). Over the centuries, she starts to fall in love with Sandy, but isn't sure if he feels the same(maybe...)

Appearance: When she was a goddess and for the first while as a spirit, she wore Greek/Roman inspired clothes, but she kept updating her wardrobe, so her latest outfit is modern and cute. Her hair was originally long and blonde, but when MiM changed her appearance, her hair became pink and she decided to cut it short and pull it back in a ponytail. Only her eyes stayed the same blue color, though they can sometimes seem too old for her "age"

That's all for Cupid, be back later with Mother Nature and Belle and Cupid's alternate outfits.

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