Twilian Rebirth Picture

EDIT: I realized that I forgot to add the tiny wings that I wanted to put on the boots.
Also, the light was weird when I took the original photo.

I'm (hopefully) done designing Mercury! Venus will take ages...
Now, I have changed the mythology of the world I created for these guys, now that my imagination is capable of more than just ripping off Sonic, and I'll make a picture or a journal to explain it. Hopefully people will read it...
Anyway, after that's done, I'll make colored versions of Mercury and Venus, and explain their bio.

As for what I can tell you about Merx over here at the moment, he's less of a lonely prickguy.
He does actually smile, and he has basic social capabilities, unlike his last incarnation.
He's also still electric elemental, which is now a combination of fire and wind, and he's a decent spy

<insert Metal Gear joke here>
He also sports a pair of wings, which his people (who aren't extinct this time around) generally don't have. The drawback is that they're not all that strong, so they're only good for gliding and VERY short flights.
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