Vulcan Picture

i art'd

edit: I feel as though I should explain this before people assume things about Vulcan. The god Vulcan (or, Hephaestus) was cast off Mount Olympus by his mother Juno for being ugly as an infant, which crippled his leg. He is a master craftsman and many of the gods tote along something of his making. Later he is married to Venus (I guess they feel bad for throwing him off a cliff), who pays him no attention and goes whoring off with Mars and other people.
I depicted Vulcan with female automatons because unlike the other gods, he didn't get much ass, mainly because he was too busy working or being angry at his slutty wife. Perhaps he created them so he wouldn't feel so lonely. They don't have heads because they would end up reminding him of Venus is they did, and the armless ones are a nod to the famous statue of Venus, which over time lost its arms. The axe and the hammer are just tools of his trade, and the black ooze coming out of the headless ones are supposed to look like a volcano, because Vulcan is the god of fire.
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