Roman Gods Picture

Salvete mei Amici!

When the Gods call you to their service, it is not as if a light breaks forth from the heavens and surrounds you. You are not hit by a lightening bolt thrown down by Jupiter thereby gaining enlightenment and the knowledge of the true meaning of life. It begins with more of an idea in your head one that persistently seems to stay on your mind. Maybe you were sitting on the sofa and saw a television program on the Roman Gods, or maybe you were walking through a bookstore and a book on Roman mythology practically jumped off the shelf and landed in your shopping basket.  Or maybe you went on vacation to Italy and visited the ruins of some Roman temples and somehow it felt familiar to you or even stronger, you felt like you had come home. However the Gods have planted the seed in your mind, you’re "hooked". You find yourself reading everything that you can about these Gods. Somewhere along the way, you realize that you no longer consider it “mythology”. The Gods have come alive for you and you feel as it your eyes are opened for the first time in your life. 
So now what do you do? In my opinion, when one accepts the Gods of Rome as their chosen Deities, the time should be marked with a ceremony. Why? Simply because the Gods have called you and the polite thing is to officially answer them that you’ve heard, even more, you have set your feet on a new path and the day should be marked forever in your life as one that is special. 

So here is what you do:

I am (your name).  I am a simple pagan who has heard the call of the Gods whispering in his ear at night. Grant me my desire and permit me to respond by dedicating myself to the Gods of Rome and all that they represent. I promise to act always with clementia, dignitas, veritas and pietas in both my public and private life.

I pledge to honor, serve and love the Gods and to protect that which is theirs.  Let no one speak ill of my Gods, for ever will I defend them.

May Jupiter protect and empower me.
May Juno teach me to drink through lips that speak of kindness.
May Minerva teach me to see through eyes that are wise.
May Venus teach me to feel through a heart that is compassionate.
May Diana teach me to live in oneness with the Earth
May Vesta bless my home and hearth.
May Apollo bring me healing and inspiration. 
May Fortuna bring me good fortune.

May the Gods guide you on your spiritual path!

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