Bishonen Senshi Sailor Moon- Male Sailor Jupiter Picture

Hi people, finishing up the Outer Senshi, my mission begins with the Inner Senshi. Ahhh Sailor Jupiter, I love Mako-chan, so I really tried my best to make a handsome and strong guy like her, she is my favorite Inner Senshi. Instead of the rose earing, I decided to give him a lightning scar, with a just colored damage eye (he can see with both, but the eye hurt by the lightning helps him see very fast things). A lightning stroke on him, making him his scar. I decided to make him the leader of the inner senshi (surprisingly while doing my survey, I discovered that Naoko's idea for the inner senshi was also Jupiter, but later decided by Venus) because, well, in mythology he was the King of gods (except Sailor Moon, he is HIS boss). He is my version for Sailor V, Sailor J (I would love to make something like Sailor V, but instead him). Jupiter's pink color is very cute pink, but didnt suited well for him, so I put a darker pink color.

Sailor Moon characters are property of Naoko Takeuchi.
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