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Name: Momoka Takahashi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Nationality: Japanese
Year: Junior

Alias: Pisces
Element: Water
Weapon: Harpoon Gunblade- typically takes the form of a harpoon sniper, but can be adjusted to use as a blade for close-combat.

Level: 1

STR: 7
SPD: 13
VIT: 6
DEF: 14
LCK: 9

Rampage: The harpoon will glow blue, charging itself with power. Once the gun is completely blue, Pisces can use the harpoon gun to shoot out harpoons of ice. Can also switch to blade-mode which is just standard melee attack, but typically avoids blade-mode as her vitality and strength are not up to par with her speed. Furthermore, the gun is slow to charge initially, and must re-charge from 0% if she wishes to switch back to gun-mode after flipping into blade-mode.

Special skill- Lancer: [Buffing spell: STR+SPD +2, VIT-1, DEF-3; max: 3 turns] Only applicable in blade-mode. The weapon is coated with ice, enveloping her whole arm to allow the entire limb to become part of the blade. In this mode, her defense and vitality drops due to the fact that having the ice envelop her arm causes frostbite. The longer she is in this mode, the worse the frostbite gets--usage time maxes out at 3 turns, at which point the weapon will automatically regress back to standard blade-mode, and her right arm will be rendered unable to use in combat. She can still use her weapon afterwords in its normal mode using her left arm, but it should be noted that she is NOT ambidextrous, so all stats will drop and she will be at a severe disadvantage.

+ laidback disposition| logical/ calculative reasoning | witty |responsible
- possessive | skeptical | easily jealous| provoking/sassy tone

Although Momo is extremely talented in the maths and sciences, her calculating nature causes her to be rather skeptical of others. Her eyes are sharp to find weaknesses and bad traits in others, and she is picky in the people she allows to become friends with her. However, most of this is concealed--she is far from being outwardly snobbish. Rather, she is laidback and cool for the most part. She has a witty sense of humor, and enjoys teasing others in a blunt/sarcastic manner. At the same time, she is incredibly possessive of the people around her and can become easily jealous and hurt if she feels replaced. Although she has a languid disposition, if she's confronted or placed in a bad situation, she isn't the type to run away or throw it on someone else--rather, she's the type to stick through things till the end, taking responsibility.

Although she used to be rather violent in middle school, she has graduated from her yankee ways and rarely starts a fight. However, her provoking tongue has gotten her in sticky situations in the past, and she doesn't exactly back down from an offered fight.

+apple or strawberry lemonade flavored items
+martial arts/working out in general
+math problems
+ neon and/or hipster clothing
-peach-flavored things
-(most) people
-Japanese/History/Liberal Arts subjects

Born in a family of four (her parents and her twin brother), Momoka grew up extremely close to her older twin, Kazu. Growing up, Momo was frequently teased for various reasons--at first, it was due to her short nature as a kid, and then it was because Kazu and her had naturally light brown hair. Refusing to accept such bullying, she got into quite a lot of fights from a young age, at first defending herself but soon sticking up for her brother as well.

During middle school, however, her brother began to make new friends, and she felt left behind as she watched him enjoy himself with other people. Eager to look for company to fill his void, Momo began to hang out with the wrong sort of crowd. Eventually, this caused her to join a girl's gang--for despite her intelligence, she admired the leader for the girl's sense in loyalty and mutual respect. Although her parents had initially worried, they soon got over it as Momoka still brought in good grades (having her brother do the liberal arts sections, of course). 

Her brother, upon finding this out, often joined in the middle of a fight intending to "save" his sister. When this caused him to permanently damage his eye, however, Momo quit the yankee life and chose instead to be a laidback student in highschool (though still, admittedly, skipping class or sleeping for the most part). As she watched her brother continue to make more friends and even gain a boyfriend, she began to feel unnecessary and upset at both him for replacing her, and herself for being so petty. This has since caused an unlikely rift and tension between the two siblings.

-Although she found math to be both easy and fun, she was terrible at History and Japanese, and so she often spent time swapping homework with her brother who was the opposite. 

-Often spends time at the gym, learning different types of martial arts to beat the poor punching bags with

-Can often be seen chewing on a pack of either apple or strawberry flavored gum

-Otherworld self info: Her name, Pisces, is a nod to both her element, disposition, and reason for being in the Otherworld. Pisces, the astrological sign representing two fish swimming in opposite directions, is reflective of Momoka's relationship with her twin: both so close, swimming next to each other, but never meeting eye-to-eye. Her less-than-favorable tension with Kazu is one of the main reasons for her being in the Otherworld; futhermore, the constellation Pisces is often mentioned in relation to Venus (both in mythology and in astrology), which pays a nod to Momoka's extremely possessive nature, which for her stems from having too much love for a person.
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