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President Luthor created among others things an agency of "metahumans" chasers, and super heroes were explicitly tracked as public enemies during his mandate. Main while, the compulsory identification led to secret wars against heroes. When President Luthor was sent to jail, the mess ended and super heroes could keep their civilian identity secret again under the condition their kids would be especially looked after, in a special school. Francine Xavier, present day headmistress of Xavier institute, extended the concept to not only mutants children but also any metahuman, or human with a hero training kids-good or bad.
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(Edit : I thought at first she did not have a family name, but according to Scandinavian traditions, it would actually be Thordóttir)

So...Marvel!Thor or Mythic!Thor? I'm afraid I know the second better....You'll may say "Hey, they're one and the same!" But it not that easy, as actually comics are also a mythology of their own. At first, Thor was supposed to be amnesiac and exiled on Midgard (Earth), under the identity of Donald Blake, a handicapped doctor, until the day his crutch fell and turned into Mjolnir (the hammer) and he recovered his memories. For a while, Donald/Thor turned into Thor when needed by turning the crutch into Mjolnir, then turned back at his secret identity and flirting with nurse Jane Foster.

But later, authors realized Thor was a new kind of hero, (coming from a pre-existing mythology) thus he did not really needed what others super-heroes until then all had: a secret identity , a disguise, a earthling residence and trade , civilian friends and love interest unaware of his secret.

He could go permanently with his heroic identity, live on Asgard after Odin let him go back then, and also he remembered his wife since mythological times, Lady Sif.

So, in case you were wondering: yes, Thrud was the canonical daughter of Thor and Sif, (described, how funny, with hair of gold) so hell yeah, exactly what I needed! In mythology, he also had two sons (Magni and Modi) with a giantess called Járnsaxa. The problem is, the later do not appears in comics, and Magni does pop up in a parallel earth, but as Amora's son. Yes, the typical villainess in love with our hero (sigh)...So original *sarcasm* that she typically had her way...(and then you see the actual difference between Marvel!Thor and Mythic!Thor).

So, I've decided: he's one with mythic Thor (the older fact in mythology aka First installement wins in my point of view!), except I don't mind Magni, Modi, Járnsaxa (= they don't exist) or Jane Foster, either! The latter was still used, and a love triangle nearly impossible to resolve begun between Jane, Sif and Thor. It seemed resolved twice: Sif once saved Jane's life by merging with her (but they're later separated again) and Jane meet a doctor that was Donald's look alike, married him....And later divorced. Jane is the only human friend Thor have, so she's a kind of contact on Midgard,(sometimes a female counterpart, Thordis or Lady Thor) explaining her presence in Thor movies. (I assume she didn't divorced. And you know, many persons understand when an amnesiac lover find a previous spouse).

Yeah but Sif shot first (this is how I reason, everyone!) and though Thrud wasn't used by Marvel, I did. Or not?

I've sometimes heard that the heroin Valkyrie was her, but if you read her biography it's clearly stated that she is the spirit of Brunhild trapped in human body ( Barbara Denton Norris, Samantha Parrington or Annabelle Riggs). And to add to confusion she's sometimes stated to have dated Thor! I think she does exist on Asgard but I won't use her. Still, I like this gal: she is a feminist , à la Wonder Woman (herself linked to mythology, like Thor and Sif by the way). So I'll use her as inspiration for Thrud. And use her, even if she didn't appeared in comics.

The latter was a Valkyrie by the way. You'll may laugh if you only know them by

However they weren't that big: I've read the original were "powerful, under the appearance of a blond Venus". They notably can turn into swan, explaining why she own one.

In mythology, Helgi was the mortal lover of of the valkyrie Kara (or Lara) , but he accidentally killed her in a battle why she was flying near him in swan form.

Wait, valkyries can die? I don't think Thrud can, she's a goddess. And wasn't raised on earth which can lead to comical situations. Canonically, she was married to a dwarf, but I have time before reaching that period. I didn't find much, including if Thrud had specific weapons, so I guess she can use a hammer. And valkyries had swords, like Lady Sif.

After her arrival she befriended Captain America's and Hulk's daughters, but also Spiderman's. They became each's other's confident because they once lived the same tragedy-a villain switching bodies with a parent. Except in Thrud's case , after Loki stole Sif's body, she was imprisoned in an old dying midgardian woman's body. Thrud may also befriend Luna because she's also a mythological and feminist princess.

Amora will have a daughter in school as they are shockingly look alike, including clothes.

However, Thrud real problem will be Loki's daughter. Not Hela, the hell's goddess, it was my first thought but I later realized she was already used by Marvel as a well established villain. (and she's not even his real daughter!) So, instead, I 'll use a younger sister with a perfectly describing name.

When Thrud is travelling incognito, she assumes the identity of Trudie Blake. (but apart from that she is going by one name)

Edit: I've recently bumped into this, but I regret nothing. Once again it was the smurfette principle all along thus Torunn was the only girl (and everyone parent's was dead but Iron Man!
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