MMV revamped Stardroids Picture

My idea about how the revamped MMV Stardroids should look.

Bases made by Capcom

- Jupiter: After Sunstar rebuilt him, he removed the unnecesary parts of Jupiter's armour to make him more aerodynamical and placed jets on his shoes. He can fire thunder beams from his arm cannon and cover himself in sparks to repel enemies. He has a destructive personality and claims being the Stardroids' leader instead of Terra.

- Mars: Sunstar also made him less bulky and gave him a pair of hands which could turn into arm cannons with ease. He can shoot fire blasts from his cannons and run faster thanks to the hidden wheels on his shoes. He's Jupiter's right eye and both seem to have a great frienship.

- Venus: When Sunstar was remaking Venus, he requested Sunstar to make him a girl (According to the Roman mythology, the goddess of love was called Venus. Maybe that's why Venus wanted a female form). She can use bubbles as platforms and even trap enemies on them. She calls herself as a femme fatale and sometimes uses her cuteness to distract her opponents.

- Saturn: When Sunstar remade him, he made Saturn look younger and able to hold his Black Hole Ring with his mind. Thanks to this newfound telekinesis, he can also change the conditions of the arena, for example he can make pillars rise from the floor to block attacks. He has a great intelligence and is called as the "Brains" of the group.

- Mercury: Sunstar remade Mercury in a female form and about 95% of her body is slime, the remaining 5% is applied to her armour parts and her head. She can mold her slime body for different purposes, for example: She can make herself cuter to distract the enemies, or inflate her body to make her look fat and attack the enemies with a belly flop attack. She's cheerful and often calls Venus as her sister and her model-to-follow.

- Uranus: Uranus still has that bull like body, but he's lighter. He can bash the enemies with his titanum skull and crush them by stepping on them, apart from causing earthquakes and dig. He's strong, a bit egocentric and hates people who make fun of his name (You may know why).

- Neptune: His fat appearence is caused by the fat he has under his armor, which prevents him from cold temperatures. In addition, he can shoot corrosive liquid from his arm cannon and create toxic gases to stun the enemies. He has a strong friendship with Uranus and both often pull pranks on Venus, at the disgrace of both males...

- Pluto: His design is kinda the same as Jupiter's, something that Pluto doesn't actually like. He's more fast, agile and he can now fire shockwaves from his claws. Due to Pluto was rejected as a planet years ago for being too small, he hates all the mankind and he even has tried to betray the Stardroids!

- Terra: The first thing that Terra did after seeing herself in a female form is yell at Sunstar for doing that, but time later, she started to get amazed at her new powers. Depending on the color of her hair, her abilites can change. In other words, she can change the stations of her hair:
Pink (Spring)= Flowers bloom on her head which release a strange esence that makes the enemies feel strange.
Green (Summer)= She can stun the enemies with a bright flash.
Orange (Autumn)= She can throw razor leaves.
White (Winter)= She can freeze the opponents.
She's still the leader of the Stardroids but is keeping an eye on Pluto and Jupiter due to their leadership-claiming plots.
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