Junolipess, the Creator and Giver of Life Picture

Junolipess is known throughout the enormity of Viothud for her powerful aura that seems to create life itself, for everywhere she walks, a patch of grass forms, except in the Linedarri Tower and Linedarri City. Many civilizations have been inspired by her beauty and power, and some have even made her a part of their religion and mythology, such as the Tollozanians with their female head deity of Life known Gotmuru, the Romans with the goddess of beauty and love, Venus, the Greeks with Aphrodite, the Vikings with Freya, the Everheavenians with the Sun Goddess, etc, etc.
Junolipess has helped many civilizations grow financially by offering them new grains and fruits and vegetables through Conversion Missions. It is mainly for friendship reasons, but the other Obsellsors think that she only does to gain the appreciation of the Klebulan-converted species. Junolipess also, during Conversion Missions, loves to gain relationships with the children, for her love for children is beyond compare to any other entity that even if they are strangers, she will protect them and feed them if need be like a mother would. "It is an instinct I have in me" Junolipess states in her Unictionary, "I can not witness the death of children before mine eyes, I would not be able to keep my sanity."
Junolipess is also the cimonya to Fiel, the Guardian of Ukaroc, in whom she loves beyond compare as well. She loves his body, his protection, his devotion, and his talent in babysitting. But their is one thing Junolipess wants nothing more than anything else in the entire universe itself, and that is to have children with Fiel. The two entities, in whom both wish for the same thing, are always torn apart forcefully by duty, and love can never occur. If only Junolipess knew that their was a dark little secret she did not know about herself that would remain to be unknown forever...
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