#050 APHROTINNY Picture

Type: Water/ Fairy

Ability: Cute Charm
Hidden Ability: Serene Grace


Aphrotinny, the bivalve Love. Found in the deeper areas of coral reefs of the Olympus region. It is the smallest Pokémon documented that region. Its shell, shaped like hearts, is the embodiment of love. Usually emerge from the sea to soak up the sun at dawn. When frightened expel large amounts of foam so as to escape the enemy. If they can not, use all his charm to persuade him or paralyze him.

base Mythological:

Aphrotinny and its evolutionary chain are based on Goddess "Love" Aphrodite, mixed with a "lesser God", Afros. This was the very foam along with Uranus semen served to create the Goddess of Love. Venus is the Roman name of Aphrodite, derived its name from the clam "scallop" that brought the sea to the mainland. Mollusk one that is depicted in this its first form, Aphrotinny.
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