SPACE ENGINE Horizons 3.7.2: And the Day Melted Picture

DOLFRAM (scorched desert; moon)
System: RS 0-7-1906077-137-448-8-2987-1222 (M0V)
GDist: 503.2 ly
Radius: 4858 km (0.8027x Venus)
Mass: 0.6599 Me (0.8097x Venus)
ESI: 0.155
sma: 19,070 km
Day Length: 8.923 hrs (tidal lock)
atm: 17.67 kPa (0.1744x Earth)
GAT: 1767 K

Dolfram is a geophysical replication of the River Phlegethon, which in Greek mythology was a burning river that ran through Hades and emptied into Tartarus. The burning moon is extremely dense for a planetary body: ~8.3 g*cm^-3, denser than iron and comparable to that of cadmium. Relative to its parent planet, Dolfram is very massive, giving a moon to parent mass ratio of roughly 1/2 (more accurately, 23/50). The ratio of the Moon and Earth is only 1/81. Therefore it is obvious that Dolfram and its parent, Boraldol, and in fact a double planet system. This is especially obvious when the two's barycenter (center of mass) is found to be far above the surface Boraldol.

Dolfram is, physically speaking, the planet Venus scaled down by 12.5% and given a surface temperature hot enough to melt gold and copper.

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