. C u p i d o . Picture

Love feels no mercy. It strikes when you least expect - and the person you may least expect. And when it does, it hits hard, like a bullet of fiery feelings that explode your cognition.

It may not always be the right person, the right time or the right place. Most of the time it isn't. Whatever happens after the bullet - Cupido is just doing her job.

It's my modern version of Cupido, the son of Venus in Roman mythology. In my hands "son" turned into "daughter" and got rather interesting looks, but after hanging around as a naked little boy with wings for thousands of years must feel good to try something else for a change.

Done with Copic Sketch/Marker, white gel pen and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8. I downloaded the brushes 4 or 5 years ago from suspirialbizdesign.

Love is blind!
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