'I shalt return 4000 years from now... Picture

For I am the youth of sixteen summers!"

Well look at this cutie right here. I made this adorable character a few weeks ago in Kisekae, and as a result, I wanted to show you what I did ^_^ This is a fallen angel known as Sanat, who is based off the myth of Sanat Kumara the youth of sixteen summers. In mythology, Sanat Kumara was said to be lord of the world and he himself originated on Venus, however he is also comparable to satan/lucifer and kurama tengu.

So as it stands MY Sanat is a bit of an egocentric kid, thinking that he or she is the equal of god, but he/she is nothing more than a fallen angel banished to venus. He/She is actually a dangerous threat if left unchecked, but angels often 'babysit' him/her, thus preventing the young tyrant from becoming too powerful.

As for why I put he/she, I didn't think of a set gender for Sanat .w. I wanted mine to be different from the mythology, so I left gender ambiguous. Besides since he/she is technically an angel and a fallen one at that, he/she can appear as whatever the hell he/she wants. Male, female, pumpernickel and even as a bowl of noodles
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